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KVS Technology is a company with 20+ years of hifi / highend experience. We are constantly trying different types of audio equipment (DACs , amps , loudspeakers , cables etc ) with our  crew (5 man all  dedicated to music from more than 10 years ) 

In this site we have made the best price/performance ratio DACs which are on the market to date.
We are distributors of L.K.S audio , Matrix audio , DEQX , YULONG audio , AUNE , GUSTARD , TOPPING audio and many more .
WE ship worldwide , so please ask for quote for your country . We also charge the actual shipping amount and will do best of our knowledge to save you shipping fees, TAXES and DUTIES.
Of course we will try to compare all newcomers and will include the best one here, so keep an eye on this site.

Here you can find the best ESS9038 based dacs , the newest updates both software and hardware .

Also as we are official distributors of all the companies we sell , you can order a CUSTOM built DAC for your needs . For example recently we sold a LKS audio da-004 dac without the amanero USB port as the customer does not  need one . The price of course was different…
Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice and pricing. We are completely sure we can offer unbeatable prices.
All official warranty is included with your purchase as well a 14 DAYS MONEY BACK WARRANTY ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS WE SELL.
For all specific warranty conditions according to the manufacturer please refer to the warranty part at the bottom of each page.
You can check out our stellar feedback at audio-markt.de
and ebay.

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