LKS Audio MH-DA004

ES9038pro is ESS’s flagship DAC audio decoder chip, is currently able to see the highest performance index DAC chip, according to the practice of Mu, the use of two ES9038pro, respectively, work in the mono MONO mode, making two DAC chip Individually deal with the left and right channel audio content and do not interfere with each other, greatly enhance the DAC’s performance and auditory effects. Mono MONO mode The official indicator is the dynamic range of 140dBA, which is 3dB higher than 137dBA when working with a single two-channel channel. The official indicator is for reference only, but it is easy to see that the monaural MONO Mode, the signal output current of the DAC is twice as high as that of the two-channel mode, and the darkness of the sound background, the density of the sound, the degree of separation, the motion, the knot, etc. can be made significant Of the promotion.

Have enough experience enthusiasts know, DAC chip is only a machine foundation, the most critical is the external circuit design and adjustment, in order to achieve the use of ES9038pro and get the best sound replay effect, L.K.S Audio uncompromising around Circuit design, such as the use of two high-quality transformer to achieve six sets of AC power supply, a total of 13 groups of low-noise regulator circuit (a lot of key parts of the use of two-level regulator approach), the second level regulator using the industry to high performance Power supply chip to provide a sufficient current margin, the reaction of fast, ultra-low noise power.

At the same time, in order to deal with ES9038pro unique MONO mode of large current output (more than 100mA of signal current), specially designed IV conversion circuit, this part of the circuit for the pure sub-design, the substrate is the current low noise indicators Audio transistor, twin effect transistor, audio power tube, etc., the correction capacitor is also uncompromising use of silver mica capacitors, the purpose is to get the most accurate, natural voice to reproduce. This circuit mode is the traditional integrated op amp output (such as OPA627, AD797, LME49990, OPA1612, etc.) can not match.

> Model Type:MH-DA004 (Ultra Low jitter Femto Clock inside, 82fS jitter @100MHz)

> Dual mono mode ESS tech ES9038pro chips inside for ultra sound.

> Up to 13 groups linear power supply for different circuit part.

> Discrete shunt power supply for analog output part.

> Discrete circuit for I/V and LPF circuit.

> Cardas Rhodium plated RCA output connector, Furutech AC power socket.

> Two I2S input port , RJ45 type and HDMI type for I2S/DSD source input.

> Inside Amanero Combo384 USb card, DSD64,DSD128,(windows,DSD256,DSD512) PCM44.1K~384K.

> AES/EBU,COAX,BNC, OPT support 44.1K, 48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k s/pdif input. (DoP acceptable)

> XLR 5Vrms. RCA 2Vrms.

> Digtial volume control 0dB~-127dB.(0.5dB step)

> Large size VFD displayer for long distance use.

> THD< 0.0003% ,Dynamic Range

> 125dB, SNR>120dB 。

> Net. Weight 7.8kg

> Size 440*320*90mm

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